So I am back at using Firefox

As previously said my browser usage could change and I am not ashamed of it.

Last week I decided on going back to Firefox as my daily / default browser.
The main reason was not ideological. The thing that made me switch back to Firefox was one particular extension / add-on: Firefox Multi-Account Containers.

So my decision was purely based on my need to be logged in into three Microsoft accounts simultaneously: one for my personal OneDrive storage (unfortunately I have not yet found a better and cheaper solution for my family’s cloud storage needs) and two different accounts for my work (for some strange reason my employer decided it would be better to keep academic relations and administrative tasks running on two separated Teams instances. It is a nightmare but it seems I am the only one who thinks so).

The only manageable way to deal with this mess was to use this extension / add-on. And it work flawlessly. This plug-in is so good I completely ignore the lack of PWA support in Firefox just to access the set of benefits it provides me.

So here it is: I am back at using Firefox as my one and only browser and it is working great. I set up sync and now am using it in my phone and in both my computers. Performance is as good as in Brave and Vivaldi.

Also, participating in Teams meetings improved a lot in Firefox. The interface for using Teams in a Firefox window resembles a lot the experience I have when using the native desktop app. It is significantly different than using it in a chromium browser so I guess that’s another point for Firefox.

I must also say that one minor annoyance I had related to Firefox has a workaround and it makes using Firefox visually better now.

The positive side effect (is this such a thing?) is that by using Firefox I support an alternative web; the one I believe. So no negative points at all. PWAs are nice, but this is better. For now.

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