so, here we are… 2024!

first day of a new year. time for new beginings and to try (or restart) doing new things and get back on good old habits. in my case, both.

2023 let’s agree was not the most productive year of my life. i know we must not attatch our goals only to productivity but this must be said. nonetheless it was a year of mental health recovery. i am not 100% but i feel i am o.k. to start new things in 2024.

a few goals are

  • i’ll put my reading up to date. there are four books waiting to be read on my nightstand.
  • i’ll post more frequently here. this seems to be a comeback of old habits.
  • i’ll try to learn new things in a proper way. hope to report on the progress related to this soon.
  • i’ll try to manage mental health and anxiety. this is the hardest one.

let’s see what i can accomplish in this new year.

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