Instagram is a terrible product. Reason number 357

Suppose you are scrolling through Instagram.

Suddenly you find something that interests you and you expand the caption to read the full post.

It’s an interesting read and leaves you wanting to know more about the subject of the post. In this case, it’s a post about, let’s say, an award show whose name doesn’t really matter at the moment, but on the red carpet, three actors arrive together and you now want to learn a little more about them. You’re not sure if they’re in a TV show together, a movie together, or just friends. In the post you are reading on Instagram, the names of the three actors are mentioned in the caption.

You switch to your cell phone browser and search for the name of the first actor that interested you. You then read about it on Wikipedia and go to IMDB to take a look at the productions that person participated in. Cool! Then you think: time to go back to Instagram and look for the two other artists who were in the photo.

When you go back to Instagram, the app reassembles the feed and you will never see that post again. The end.

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