I had to tap the screen seven times to access a link

Social media, by definition, is for sharing content. This content can be video, text, images and even links to other content that we can access on the web. This process of empowering people with the ability to share provides many social benefits.

Instagram is a social media platform built with the aim not of helping people or society, but rather with the function of generating profit/revenue for its owners through the sale of advertising. That’s why the product is built in such a malicious way. There is not the slightest desire to provide a product that people can leave to consume content elsewhere. Even if it’s just for a few minutes.

I decided to record a video to demonstrate how ridiculous this is. I was browsing the content on Instagram and decided to access the stories of the profiles I follow. One person shared in stories a reference to a text that could be interesting. The process of accessing this post, having to return to the profile home page to consult the link, clicking to access a secondary list of links and, only then, finally being able to access the content and then choosing to open the given link in my main browser is ludicrous.

I had to tap the screen seven times to access a link.

The amount of effort that the user needs to exert to be able to carry out a simple activity on this platform drives me crazy. I lack the rationality (or perhaps intelligence to understand the genius behind it) to understand why a platform that makes it so difficult to carry out a simple action can be so adopted and used.

I am very bothered by the greed that drives this development and, perhaps, that is why I have never been able to effectively use this service.

It’s a bad and evil product. It doesn’t matter how many people use it. Whoever is involved in it knows this and, in fact, it is something open. It’s a bad product.



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