Mastodon (actually Fediverse) is the place to be

This is the english version of a post published in PT-BR last december.

I’ve been using social platforms since they first appeared. I’ve been online and posting for longer than I care to admit.. 🙂

I confess that my enthusiasm for Mastodon (and the Fediverse, of course) only increases every day.

This morning I had the idea of asking the people who follow me (just over 650) on Mastodon if they followed people who speak/post in languages other than their native language (link to post). I wanted to know this because I interact a lot with people who speak other languages on the platform. I wanted to know if my case was common.

Not in my wildest dreams would I achieve this reach and engagement on another platform. I had more than 1300 followers on Twitter when I deleted my account and I now have more than 800 followers on Instagram.

Never, ever has any post of mine on those platforms come close to this. On Mastodon I have just over 650 followers and this post of mine received more than 230 shares and the poll received more than one thousand and two hundred votes in five hours.

Mastodon and fediverse are the place to be. Look, I don’t make a living from producing content. I imagine things are even cooler for those who work with this.

The potential is gigantic.

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