The limits on organic post reach on Twitter should be enough for mass abandon


This image represents a very serious issue regarding social media platforms that are commercially exploited, rely on algorithmic manipulation and have a business model of selling advertising space.

As part of their operation, these platforms restrict the organic reach of posts. I had already detected this in an article written a few years ago (available in Portuguese).

The image shows a post from a user who has over 6,000 followers and post display data that records that only a fraction of these followers saw the message.
Prior to the X-transformation, this post view data was not public. I understand that the display of this data broadly highlights the reach restriction imposed on profiles, which is quite detrimental to the use of the platform for messages that followers sign up to receive and that are important (such as weather and traffic services, for example).

Why would you follow an entity that sends weather alerts (such as rain and storms) on a platform like this? There is a great risk that you will never see an important update that could save your life.

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